Drastically increase your energy, lifespan, and fitness with a $22 trip to IKEA.

July 14, 2014


Here at SnapJet, we work hard all day and late into the night. Whether we’re soldering circuit boards, writing code, or posting to our blog, there is always one thing in common:

We are sitting (or more accurately, slouching) at our desks. I always knew this wasn’t the best way to work, but I recently saw this LifeHack article which spurred me to take action: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/why-sitting-is-killing-you.html

One thing that always stopped me from trying out a standing desk was how expensive the fancy ergonomic standing desks were. I was also turned off by the huge risk of getting a brand new desk, only to find out that standing all day wasn’t really for me.


Then, thanks to this awesome IKEA hack by Colin Nederkoorn and Ryan Witt, I found a way to get a totally risk-free solution for $22:


The advantages are:

1) Twenty two dollars, come on!! With IKEA’s 90 day return policy, it’s also risk free.

2) You keep your old desk, and just put this hutch on top. This is great if you work at a bigger company where it takes forever to get furniture purchases approved etc

3) Since it’s a DIY solution, you get to customize it exactly for your height and arm length. Really it’s just about adjusting two shelf brackets into a side table at a height that you like:


4) Last but not least, your desk space is now nearly doubled!!


I now have space for twice the amount of desk clutter. Woohoo!!

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