Motorized Photo testing rig

June 28, 2014

We’ve completed our motorized testing rig! It allows us to easily try out many different methods and materials to get the best possible prints for our SnapJet instant film printer.

SnapJet uses a rolling shutter to expose the iPhone screen onto the film, which this rig simulates. We can change the speed, number of passes and aperture size for our exposures with this rig. Check it out:

The long piece that slides over the print medium holds the optics. Normally we do all of this in a dark room, but we decided to keep the lights on to make this demo video a little more interesting.

We’re pretty excited about the quality of these prints! Once our tweaks are complete, we expect to blow away all other portable printers in quality, sharpness, and color fidelity. Here’s an early shot of something we recently exposed. You can already begin to see how vibrant and detailed the photos are coming out:


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