So how good is Instant Film exactly?

When Polaroid/Instant Film is mentioned, people think “vintage” or old-school-cool. While all of that is totally valid, let’s look a little closer and see what’s actually going on in the above photo. As you can see, the instantĀ film has absolutely

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The picture that started SnapJet

Snapjet turns any smartphone into an instant film printer. Just place your phone on top and press a button. It’s that simple. How did we decide to make SnapJet? It all comes down to this picture. See the little dark

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Making Buttons!

A lathe is a pretty essential metal working tool for making any cylindrical parts. We needed to make some aluminum buttons for the latest SnapJet prototype. So we fixed up an old desktop-lathe with some cleaning, greasing, and adding 3D
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Drastically increase your energy, lifespan, and fitness with a $22 trip to IKEA.

Here at SnapJet, we work hard all day and late into the night. Whether we’re soldering circuit boards, writing code, or posting to our blog, there is always one thing in common: We are sitting (or more accurately, slouching) at

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DIY Electric Burr Grinder

We drink a lot of coffee here at SnapJet headquarters, so we brought in a hand-burr grinder to help us make our java: I know what you’re thinking. “That grinder isn’t nearly loud or dangerous enough!!” And we couldn’t agree

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How to create amazing product shots for under $50 bucks

You’ve definitely seen it before. An apple iPhone or Macbook floating in a white cloud, with a diagonal reflective line down the center. Recently we needed to take a few shots of SnapJet and I couldn’t help but wonder if

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Motorized Photo testing rig

We’ve completed our motorized testing rig! It allows us to easily try out many different methods and materials to get the best possible prints for our SnapJet instant film printer. SnapJet uses a rolling shutter to expose the iPhone screen

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Hi everyone, we’ve just finished our first introductory video of the SnapJet! View it at snapjet.com. Please stay tuned for more on instant film photography, crowdsourcing, and hardware design.

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