SnapJet: The world's first slim, portable, open-source instant film printer


What is SnapJet?

SnapJet is a portable printer for your smartphone. It scans your screen, and prints out a high resolution color image on Instax Mini or Polaroid 300PIF film. SnapJet lets you print on instant film like never before. In addition to regular photos, you can print out anything from beautiful artwork to crisp, sharp text. You have to see the quality to believe it!

Use it anywhere

SnapJet has been designed to take anywhere. Work on your scrapbook in a coffee shop, or make a great birthday card with pictures you just took at the party. Or bring it to your next meeting and print out a personalized business card for your client.


SnapJet is open source

There are only a couple of open source cameras available, let alone instant film cameras. We think the time is right to change that. Imagine what you could do with a fully working reference design to build or customize your own instant film camera or printer.

So how good is Instant Film exactly?

When Polaroid/Instant Film is mentioned, people think “vintage” or old-school-cool. While all of that is totally valid, let’s look a little closer and see what’s actually going on in the above photo. As you can see, the instantĀ film has absolutely

The picture that started SnapJet

Snapjet turns any smartphone into an instant film printer. Just place your phone on top and press a button. It’s that simple. How did we decide to make SnapJet? It all comes down to this picture. See the little dark

Making Buttons!

A lathe is a pretty essential metal working tool for making any cylindrical parts. We needed to make some aluminum buttons for the latest SnapJet prototype. So we fixed up an old desktop-lathe with some cleaning, greasing, and adding 3D